h o m e

        a railway museum
        an old school
a (LOT OF) thresholds

        + a cul de sac
        + a fishing village

        + (to peel) a factory

a line drawing
        + a color drawing

        + a twin drawing  

    ︎ MODEL
        + a section model
        + a real wall
a garbage model
a useless object
        + a useful object



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a garbage model

gsapp / m.arch / 2019
site: naoshima, kagawa

instructor: Bika Rebek, Some Place Studio

The twin drawings looked at possible future realities of Chichu Art Museum, whereas this physical model looked at the past of the museum. Environment plays a large part of the museum, where the island itself has a complex history of politics and pollution. Before it was transformed into an art island, Naoshima Island is a place where factories stands, chemical pollutions from the factories flowed into rivers and soil of the island, causing deaths and the loss of young people into major cities in main island of Japan. This model represents the past of the island being locked inside a jewelry box, when open, the top of the model seems very pristine and clean, but if unlocked, the polluted past is revealed.