h o m e

        a railway museum
        an old school
a (LOT OF) thresholds

        + a cul de sac
        + a fishing village

        + (to peel) a factory

a line drawing
        + a color drawing

        + a twin drawing  

    ︎ MODEL
        + a section model
        + a real wall
a garbage model
a useless object
        + a useful object



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a real wall

gsapp / m.arch / 2019
site: manhattan, ny

instructor: Alessandro Orsini, Architensions

This 1:1 mock up model captures the most important geometric decision of the design-the curve edge. This not only mimics the middle island of Broadway, but also indicates the collective./shared space within the apartment. This mock up serves as a tool to understand the spatial reality of a small corner in the project and shows the possibility of an alternate reality. The 1:1 is supposed to be looked at 360 degrees, where the exterior wall is peeled layer by layer to represent how the heating system and studio wall works with one another.