h o m e

        a railway museum
        an old school
a (LOT OF) thresholds

        + a cul de sac
        + a fishing village

        + (to peel) a factory

a line drawing
        + a color drawing

        + a twin drawing  

    ︎ MODEL
        + a section model
        + a real wall
a garbage model
a useless object
        + a useful object



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a section model

gsapp / m.arch / 2019
site: manhattan, ny

instructor: Alessandro Orsini, Architensions

The idea from previous assignment is further implemented through a series of photos and models to narrate the design. The model is 100% handmade without using any laser cutter or machines. Furnitures and objects were made to represent the living condition in these petit units, and how they are able to connect with one another, forming another in-between within the in-between. Color scheme of the model follows the color drawings from previous drawings, each color represents an individual, demonstrating how this living mode is about sharing and connecting with your neighbors.