h o m e

        a railway museum
        an old school
a (LOT OF) thresholds

        + a cul de sac
        + a fishing village

        + (to peel) a factory

a line drawing
        + a color drawing

        + a twin drawing  

    ︎ MODEL
        + a section model
        + a real wall
a garbage model
a useless object
        + a useful object



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a (LOT OF) thresholds

- aka the Super Core -

gsapp / m.arch / 2020
site: the bronx, ny

instructor: Annie Barrett, BAS
team: Jules Kleitman

Born from an ethnographic study of Melrose’s edges, the Supercore subverts traditional real-estate tactics by
re-imagining the relationship between shared and private programs. The Supercore folds the city into a co-living courtyard, while multiplying edges and thresholds, acting as an armature for the economic and social resiliency of its residents.

Our hypothesis is that thresholds become the device that allow people to feel part of different communities. They are spatial moments or events that make individuals subconsciously reframe their identity and redefine themselves. This redefinition allows negotiation with ‘the other’. From small to large, private to public, personal to collective.